Rawspace began with a commitment to beautiful spaces and personalized client service. Our elite, highly select staff values creativity and elegance and is dedicated to efficient, detail-oriented, and cost-effective partnerships for every project we support. From creative branding and pop up shops, to film shoots and art exhibitions, we believe that anything is possible when people are put in spaces that inspire them.

As managing partners of spaces, Rawspace is different from its competitors as we do not function like a listing website or brokerage company. We are commission-free and assist you with all of your project related needs, from paperwork to production. We do not focus on enticing clients and sealing deals, disappearing once a contract is signed. Our aim is to support the creative vision of our clients and provide start-to-finish, soup to nuts, curated white glove service.

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We strive tirelessly to deliver unforgettable experiences for all our partners. Email your request to inquiry@rawspace.com